Hitched, Hot & Healthy Owner/Founder,
Joshua Hockett

Welcome to Hitched, Hot & Healthy. I want to congratulate you and your new life partner on making the decision to start a relationship together and/or to continue your lives together with fitness and health as a pillar of your shared bond. The wedding vow “in sickness and in health is the part I want to help both of you sustain for a lifetime. I’m sure you have a genuine value placed on your health now and all the days to come. That is after all why you stumbled upon my site and I am so glad you did!

I want to help you forge this bond you are about to embark upon before and after tying the knot. Take a glance at the pages of this site and see why I am so excited to help you in this journey. Learn what it is I can do for you, why helping you is so important to me and how this unique kind of online guided coaching and accountability service actually works so well.

Let’s begin this amazing journey of success and life-changing habits right now shall we?

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