About HH&H

Why did I create HH&H?

The answer is simple…you! I love seeing people succeed and experience the awesome outcomes of getting fit, getting healthy, and looking and feeling great! Ever since I was able to do the same to myself as a teen I have been amazed and obsessed with recreating this transformation process in myself through 20+ years of fitness training, physique competitions, powerlifting and mud-run racing. But even that was not enough. I had to apply and share this experience with others. Let them see what its like to be “remade” rebuilt and transformed mentally as much as physically. What better way to apply this and share this than with couples who are about embark upon a life together?

Check out my own transformation where I went from 240lbs to under 200lbs. YouTube Link

I want to see couples have the opportunity to work together, grow together and strengthen their bond to one another through the means of partnership, teamwork and accountability to one another. I want to allow people like you to become the best version of yourself, not just for the big beautiful wedding day but for all the many, many days that follow that as well. The trust, respect, communication and accountability that couples can and will build in the months leading up to (and after) the wedding will bolster the bond you’ve declared to one another. Physical training, healthy living, and sound nutrition are the platforms on which I see people make this transformation occur. When its done as a team, with the full support of a partner, the outcomes are nothing less then stellar. Nothing gives me more pleasure, pride, excitement and joy then to see this happen within and between a couples.

It is for this reason I created HH&H so that engaged couples can find a simple, affordable, effective and safe means to not only make their wedding day forever memorable, but to bring their best possible self to wedding day, physically and mentally. This is your day, I want you to look great, feel great and be great! I am here to help you and your significant other make that happen! Together we will make it happen!

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