• Do you only work with couples who are engaged and getting married?
    • No, I work with couples at all points of marriage from engaged to happily married although those engaged and/or soon to wed are those I work with most often.
  • What if only one of us needs/wants to get in shape for an upcoming wedding?
    • Not a problem as I can work with individuals who wish to get in better shape for a wedding just the same at a different price point than for couples.
  • What methods of payment are accepted for your services?
    • Currently I accept PayPal as the sole means for monthly membership payments.
  • Do you work with members of the LGBTQ for wedding preparation related to getting in shape?
    • I sure do! Everyone deserves to look and feel fit on their wedding day. Rgardless of sexual orientation, health and fitness is everyone’s right!
  • Do you offer any live personal training services separately or in conjunction with online coaching/guidance?
    • Depending on where the couple lives relative to me, this could be arranged. Such details would need to be discussed.
  • Do we need to have a full gym to be able to complete the training program you design for couples?
    • No. I can design a program for those with nothing more than a bare bones basement set up to those with full commercial gym access.
  • What if my partner and I have little or no background in fitness or exercise but wish to get into shape for our wedding? Can you still help us?
    • Yes I can. My job is to meet you where your both at right now in your fitness abilities and experiences and to take you to the best possible level of agreed upon outcomes as we can. No two couples are ever in the same exact spot so this is handled case by case.
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