How it works

Here is how this service and our relationship will work. Its just a few simple steps and we are off and running to get you both Hitched, Hot and Healthy all at once.

What is on-line training and coaching exactly?

Online training is a new and exciting way for me to offer more effective, and cost-efficient, body transformation coaching for couples, partners and spouses who want to get into peak physical shape and overall health for their wedding day (or in general) but don’t want to deal with the limitations and expenses of commercial gyms or in-person training.

Step 1: Application. Complete an application with your partner. Send it back and I screen both of you to assure I can deliver on the promise of getting you both into an agreed upon set of goals and any objective outcome measures you seek in the time frame you have. Application link

Step 2: Agreements and Matching. If we feel an agreeable set of terms can be reached between what you want and I can deliver on, we sign a contract between 3 and 12 months long.

Step 3: Access Granted. I give you access to the HH&H Facebook group, membership into the level of service for which you chose. Facebook Group Link

Step 4: We begin your journey. You now have access to the service level you chose, providing you with key features and channels of support developed around your unique needs, wants and timelines. Features like a exercise training program, nutritional guide, lifestyle modifications, tailored recipes, weekly or bi-weekly check-ins through email, phone or Skype call.

Step 5: The Big Day! This is the culminating end goal of your whole journey. We are working together not only to “peak” your fitness, health and good looks for this day but also to establish permanent lifestyle change that will last beyond your wedding day. Taking some “after photos” and measures is popular at this time.

At the end of every season of the year (spring, summer, fall and winter), I will pick one couple who has demonstrated a truly stellar journey and outcome of success. This will be voted upon by a small group of me and my peers who also work in body transformation roles. Subjective and objective measures will be collected and one couple will be chosen as the HH&H Couple of the Season. Before and after photos of the couple (with approval) will be shared on the private FB group, this website wall of fame and a summary story of their journey will also be shared. The lucky couple will also be sent a 5″x9″ polished, engraved plaque marking their selection as the seasons winners.

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