My Story

I want give you a quick little insight to my own story of struggle and success toward health and fitness as its what got me to where I am today and lead me down the path of helping others experience their own transformations as I did. I am not one of those lucky people born thin, fit, muscular and athletic. Not at all. I was 240lbs at 5’10” at 14 years old. I struggled with weight and body image for several years while trying to become a great athlete in youth sports. I was making all the bad lifestyle choices I see many of my past and current clients/couples making still today. I know the struggle, I know the rough spots, I know the pain and frustration that comes with that. I wanted so bad to be fit, lean, strong, athletic and popular, be confident without a shirt on, feel good about my body….man did I want that!

As with so many such cases, it took me to want something else so bad, so much more, so passionately that nothing else would tempt me as much as reaching my goal would mean to me. I wanted to be a star athlete in high school, popular with the guys and girls, confident in myself inside and out. I enjoyed working out so that was not too hard to do, I just had to get smarter with what I did and how I did it to make it work better. My diet sucked! I then used the most basic common sense dietary concepts… those that still get 90% of my clients results to this day. Calorie control, wholesome eating, minimize junk food! That was it! Nothing more complicated then that. I lifted weights 4 times a week for an hour, walked or jogged several times a week for just 30 minutes. Some weeks better then others for sure. I was not perfect by any means! I was only 14, going on 15 remember; I was just learning the basics and actually following them day to day. In just under 2 years I was down to 200lbs and happen to shoot up to 6’1”. My sports performance was better than ever, girls began to talk to me more, guys looked up to me, I made team captain for football and wrestling, heck, I even got voted junior prom king! Most of all I was happy and proud of myself and who I was. The chubby fat kid in middle school was the prom king just three years later! Who would have thought? Certainly not me at the onset of my journey.

In the next few years the bug that bit me from this experience only infected me more and more with time. The experience of what I did and how it happened fascinated me. I had to know more, learn more and apply more to myself. That lead to my academic pathway, my participation in now six bodybuilding/fitness contest, two fitness photo-shoots and then my favorite part of all, finding a career where I can help others experience the same thing I did. Working with a small client roster of men and women over the years from every walk of life, with every goal you can think of, has challenged me to become a better professional, coach and person. I absolutely love helping other people discover their own transformations on the inside and out just like I did. Not every case is as dramatic as mine (but some have been even more dramatic then mine) but everyone has it in them to find and express. My job is to help you get there and not alone, you have a life partner to take this journey with…..and that’s the best part of all about Hitched, Hot & Healthy… the partnership effect!

It was a long, hard journey but the outcome was well worth every bit of it!

HH&H uses one of the strongest components of couples success to getting in great shape and being healthy. Your close social circle. Primarily your spouse or significant other. The vast majority of clients I have worked with who have a partner, will either have full support or find big obstacles as a result of what their spouse does or does not do as they pursue their own path of fitness and health. When both people partake in this journey together, the sum almost always tends to be better together. A sort of 1+1 = 3 outcome. I swear by this as we have seen it happen too many times to discount its powers on success or failure. I’m banking this method of coaching I offer on the very fact that the combined efforts, accountability, and teamwork that will manifest from working together with our guidance, will lead to the best possible outcomes. Given that you both have the same destination, we align your timelines to parallel one another from start to end. I can design your training plans to work together so you both can train together at home or at a gym. Meal prep together, grocery shop together, keep tabs on one another, all to help you both build off one another’s progress day by day and week by week. The bottom line is that it is our direction and guidance on top of your supportive partnership that really makes this formula so unique and effective. So, lets get started shall we?

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